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Raised by Moths

Picture Book | MidnightSun Publishing | October 2023

Written by Charlie Archbold

Illustrated by Michelle Conn

Willow jumps on the Ferris Wheel and is intrigued to see a boy surrounded by moths.

As they travel high above the fairground he tells her the reason why the moths love him so much: he was raised by moths. Wonderfully fantastical and thought-provoking with stunning illustrations, Raised by Moths is quite unlike anything you’ve read before.


All You Can Be

Picture Book | Affirm Press | December 2023

Written by Angela Casabene

Illustrated by Michelle Conn

When the sun sits up high
In the blue summer sky
And you long to dive into the sea,
But you're fixed to the pier
And you're held there by fear …
Be brave. Be all you can be.

This is a love letter to children everywhere encouraging them to embrace their true selves and to live their big, messy, beautiful lives to the full.
Be kind. Be strong. Be curious. Be wrong ...
Be all you can be.

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